The Controls Of Playing Marvel Contest Of Champions


Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the most popular games, which is playing by several people on a huge level. In fact, we can also see many game lovers, who are crazy to play such an amazing game in their leisure game. The concept and graphics are the two chief reasons behind the popularity of the game.

The players are required to pay attention to the currency, which can be collected by the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats. While there are many other ways present, which can help in getting the desired amount of the currency; however, this is the best ever method, which offers the maximum comfort zone to the players.

What Are The Controls Of The Game?

The players should always be familiar with the controls of the game. If we are not familiar with the controls, then it will be difficult to defeat the other players, who are playing for a longer time. In fact, we can also improve the performance in the game and play in a better manner. In order to grab the information related to the controls of such game, read the further article.

Left side of the screen – the players can be blocked by holding the left side of the screen, and the swiping such side will lead to the dash backwards. By this, we will be able to create a certain space between the opponent and us. So, basically, the left side of the screen helps in the defense.

Right side of the screen – the players are able to perform the light attack by tapping the right side of the screen. On the other hand, if we hold, then it will lead to the heavy attack. Well, usually people go with the light attacks, but let me tell you that these are not as effective as the heavy attacks.

Apart from this, the players can take proper assistance from the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats in order to collect the currency. The players are unable to play the game in a better manner when they don’t have enough currency.


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