IMVU – A General Walkthrough

IMVU – A General Walkthrough

IMVU was founded in 2004 by Eric Ries and this game was a huge success as by 2014, this gained over 4 million people who play this game and we are not sure about the current status of this game. Generally, this game is a virtual reality game when you get to play with other players all around the world. This is more like a dating website, yeah website too for computer users. This game was officially released on wikipedia application and you can also access this game on their official websites.

Getting Started

When you want to play this game either on a mobile phone or your computer browser then you can simply open their site or install their app. In order to access this game, you’ll be asked to log in either with Facebook or to log in for free which needs nothing and it will take you to the other world of virtual reality. There are thousands of players that you can connect so I wouldn’t recommend you to connect your Facebook account. Then you’ll be directed to choose your gender from male or female. And again it will take you to a new screen where you’ve to customize your character and accordingly you can make it. You can try to make your character look like you if you want a great experience dating other girls. Then after you’ve made your character then you’ll be directed to logging into the account by making one using your email.

Homepage and how to play

Once you’ve successfully logged in then you’ll be directed to their homepage where you can play this game. You’ll come across 9 new tabs named dress up, shops, credits, chat rooms, my room, inbox, friends, get matched, and my profile. Each tab will open up a new window of their and you can play it easy when it comes to handling this game.

To get started you have to get into the chat rooms option when you’ll be connected to a random stranger and you can get into getting an engaged room where it asks for some in-game currency and you should be acting with your 3-D virtual avatar of the game.

Final Words

This game makes you dive into the world full of virtual reality where you can chat with random strangers and do a lot of things to them. These mentioned above tips and IMVU Credits Cheats 2018 will help you get started.


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